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ABC AutoCAD forum is where you find news about our training and classes. At the moment the forum is closed. Check and return soon to find AutoCAD News.

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AutoCAD tutorials and videos from our staff. How to use AutoCAD as an advanced user. Learn with us! Notice that many videos are in italian (sorry..)

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Welcome to ABC AutoCAD

Welcome to ABC Corsi - ABC AutoCAD Courses Our company aims the formation of specialized designers in AutoCAD environment or on other Autodesk software. We also provide computer service and CAD support for companies and individuals through specialized technicians. In addition to training activities and courses we develop software both for AutoCAD and for other needs.
Many of our customers have found with us a complete solution:

  • support for the purchase of CAD workstations,
  • choice of the most appropriate software for their work,
  • deploy and installation of the software for all workstations,
  • training of employees, cad software maintenance,
  • then, when all is ok, we often gave support or directly developed procedures, standard templates, macros and additional plugins for AutoCAD to make it possible a fast specialized object drawing or to integrate AutoCAD with reporting systems or data extraction.

Training - our school

Training is our main activity, because no software fully helps if you are unable to get the best from it. We see that buying very much expensive CAD software may be a waste of money and do not give the desired results unless you invest in training. We provide many types of standard courses for various softwares. Our courses can be a group and standard course or can be customized, for individuals and companies, at their headquarters or at dedicated classrooms.

ABC Autocad courses organized group by reducing costs and time. Group lessons: a cheap way and inspiring to learn by attending our classrooms lessons range from basics to advanced design tools, find out more information on schedules, costs and types of courses the courses page.Improve your business through comprehensive technical training.

ABC Autocad courses organized group by reducing costs and time. Customized courses: We organize and manage on-demand courses in Italy to the specific needs of your company. The courses are organized at the customer site, or at our classroms in Milan (Italy), planned for an effective and fast learning of basic and advanced techniques. To contact us and discuss the needs of your company and to learn about the ABC AutoCAD offer, use one of our contacts for AutoCAD italian courses..

See our courses calendar for standard CAD courses in Italy, Milan






Our site "ABC AutoCAD" offers quality courses for training about Autodesk® software and is not in any way Autodesk® or affiliate with it; Autodesk® is the only AutoCAD® trademark holder and we are not connected or affiliated with it. Who is looking for the Italian site of AutoCAD®, can find it at and the holder of the trademark is Autodesk®. On our site you will find information about our activities and "ABC AutoCAD" training. On our site also features some useful plugins and free, that we have created, which have met great success among users. Those plugins need first to install AutoCAD® full version (not LT). To download AutoCAD® please refer to the download page from Autodesk®.

abccorsicad is: how to learn AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, Maya, AutoCAD MAP quickly and in the best way!



ABC Corsi di Matteo Luca Maria Trasi - via A.Binda 20, 20143 Milano - CCIA/REA 1919404 - P.IVA 06221320960 - tel. 022610334